Northwest Specialty Hospital

Northwest Specialty Hospital is a 24-bed long-term acute care facility housed on the second floor of INTEGRIS Bass Pavilion.



401 S. 3rd
Enid, OK 73701

Northwest Specialty Hospital

Long-Term Acute Care

The Northwest Specialty Hospital continues to fill a special health care need in the community. The hospital treats patients with serious and often complex medical conditions such as respiratory failure, neuromuscular disorders, cardiac disorders, non-healing wounds and any medical complications requiring acute care for an extended period of time.

The hospital is a 24-bed facility housed on the second floor of INTEGRIS Bass Pavilion. Its sole purpose is to provide acute, long-term care to its patients, who typically require a level of care that is less intensive than that provided by an ICU and more intensive that what is available elsewhere. The hospital provides 24-hour nursing care delivered by a nursing staff trained in the care of acutely ill patients. Other services provided are respiratory, physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Who is a Northwest Specialty Hospital patient?

The hospital patient is someone who has medically complex or multiple conditions, which require extended treatment. In many instances, patients may be directly admitted from an ICU with respiratory or ventilator-dependent conditions which require aggressive clinical and therapeutic intervention involving daily physician visits, 24-hour nursing care, clinical support personnel and complicated medication regimes. Such specialized care involves a length of stay usually ranging from 18 to 35 days, depending on the severity of the medical condition. Common diagnoses include:

  • decubitus ulcers requiring extended treatment
  • cardiac patients requiring on-going treatment
  • Patients with respiratory infections and disorder, including ventilation support
  • patients with stroke and other neurological disorders
  • patients that have been evaluated, assessed, and determined to need an acute level of care with a medical acuity expectation

What is unique about Northwest Specialty Hospital?

While our facility provides acute, hospital-level care, it is designed for the patient who needs such care for a longer period of time. Our programs treat clinically ill patients in an intensive way, using specialized programs honed to the particular illness and its requirements. This is NOT a skilled nursing facility. It is designed to treat patients who are more acutely ill and require more specialized, intensive care.

The patient, as well as the family benefit from this type of care. This is because our approach treats patients in an intensive way, providing the care needed, customized to the individual patient. The needs of the family are also addressed. The hospital's relationship with INTEGRIS Health affords the patient a full range of healthcare services. All of these programs work together with the physician to provide the patient with the right care in the right place at the right time.

Northwest Specialty Hospital is located on the second floor of the INTEGRIS Bass Pavilion.