Arcadia Trails

Arcadia Trails Center for Addiction Recovery

Opening Spring 2019

Oklahoma is routinely witnessing the devastating effects addiction has on individuals, their families and whole communities who suffer in the shadowy consequences of this terrible disease. Children are growing up without parents present, parents are burying their children, spouses having nowhere else to turn, and companies suffering significant workforce losses as employees struggle to maintain their jobs and households amidst crippling mental illness and addiction.


Whether with alcohol, drugs or prescription drug abuse, Oklahomans are struggling. In our state, overdoses have tripled since 1999. Yet, there are no integrated treatment and recovery programs in Oklahoma, or this region of the country, that address both the full spectrum of a patient’s condition including their addiction, as well as their mental and emotional state.

We know that addiction is a medical condition - a disease of the brain and no different than heart disease or diabetes - yet it is still shrouded in shame and secrecy; isolating families, demonizing patients, and stripping all of the crucial support needed to recover.

In fact, treatment and recovery have long been singularly focused on addiction therapy through fixed programs that have varying degrees of success. Longstanding addiction treatment methodologies have been helpful to some. However, as the medical field of addictionology has progressed, we now know that 60 percent of people with addiction also present with a mental illness and 80 to 90 percent report a history of traumatic life events. This realization—that addiction is not necessarily a manifestation from a singular cause, but one of a series of co-occurring conditions— requires a more sophisticated, personalized medical approach to treatment in order to be successful.

And this is where the Arcadia Trails INTEGRIS Center for Addiction Recovery treatment model begins.

Arcadia Trails Center for Addiction Recovery will be a 40 bed chemical addiction residential treatment facility that adheres to the model that addiction is a brain-based condition that adversely impacts an individual’s thinking, emotions, behavior, spirituality, and social relations. The mission is to give equal treatment to addiction, mental illness, and trauma using evidence-based medical and psychological methods. An interdisciplinary team led by Dr. Kimberlee Wilson, Medical Director, will consist of psychologists, addiction/mental health/trauma therapists, nurses, recovery technicians, peer recovery coaches, and recreational therapists.

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INTEGRIS announces plans to begin construction of a state-of-the-art addiction and mental illness treatment center in Edmond