INTEGRIS Mental Health Spencer

Adolescent Services

Anxiety, depression, substance abuse, family problems – sadly, children and adolescents often face the same mental health crises as adults. Anxiety can become panic attacks so severe a teen believes he is dying. A child with depression may not budge from bed for days. Substance abuse – drinking and drugs – can affect children as young as eight or nine. And the problems many families face are so overwhelming that parents can’t cope, leaving children to struggle through on their own. Adolescence is a time of restlessness, when teenagers are filled with anxiety about their status in the world and excitement about possibilities for their futures. They begin to pull away from their parents and struggle with finding their own identities. They face many challenges, such as peer pressure, increasing drug and alcohol use and escalating violence.

In order to face the challenges the road to adulthood brings, adolescents must build healthy identities and sources of self-esteem. Families often find themselves without the necessary resources they need to help their children meet the demands of growing up in our culture.

INTEGRIS Mental Health can help. Our programs provide an emotionally and physically secure environment specifically structured to help young people deal with mental health issues.

The goal of the adolescent services at INTEGRIS Mental Health is to help young people develop and maintain workable relationships with parents, peers and teachers, allowing them to lead satisfying, productive lives. Families are an integral part of the treatment process.

In our programs parents and caregivers participate in family therapy sessions to learn parenting skills, age-appropriate discipline techniques and effective communication skills. Siblings may be included in family therapy when appropriate. Family therapy helps to create a healthier, nurturing environment for the entire family.

Symptoms to Watch For

  • unreal highs, risk taking behavior

  • sudden intense fear, feeling faint, shaking

  • sleeping too much or not enough

  • feeling hopeless or helpless

  • avoidance of school or friends

  • excessively argumentative and defiant

  • threatens harm to self or others