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Jim Thorpe Courage Award

The INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Courage Award was established in 1994 to recognize and honor individuals who have overcome disabilities caused by injury or illness, by facing the physical and mental challenges of rehabilitation with courage and determination.

The awards are named after the man known as the World's Greatest Athlete. Jim Thorpe, a Sac and Fox Indian he won gold medals in the 1912 Olympic games in Stockholm, Sweden, in the pentathlon and decathlon events. Those medals were confiscated in 1913 on the grounds that Thorpe had been a professional athlete. The medals were presented again to the Thorpe family in 1983.

Thorpe went on to establish a career in professional football, and was a founding father of the National Football League.

The Courage Award is presented annually.

Courage Award Recipients

2017 Courage Award

  • Erik Macke
  • Matthew Mattocks
  • Charles "Mike" Otto

2016 Courage Award

  • Carlos Dominguez
  • Sue Baney-Stull
  • Lorece "Jo" Rogers

2015 Courage Award

  • Sam Allton
  • Mac McCrory
  • Jason Wisdom

2014 Courage Award

  • Billy Wynne
  • EH Pittman
  • Matt Grice

2013 Courage Award

  • Jake McGehee
  • Dara Wanzer
  • Amanda Meye

2012 Courage Award

  • Dana Howard
  • John Waldenville
  • Boston Tracy

2011 Courage Award

  • Nicole Brown
  • Mary Beth Davis
  • Chad Peery

2017 INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Courage Awards


2017 Courage Award Winner Mike Otto

Meet Mike Otto, one of our 2017 INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Courage Award Recipients.
2017 Courage Award Winner Erik Macke
2017 Courage Award Winner Matthew Mattocks
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