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2018 Courage Award

2018 Courage Award Recipients

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Lindsay Dennis is a young mother and school teacher who lives in Moore, Okla. After a serious car accident left her paralyzed, she had to learn how to live life in a wheelchair. She had to adapt how she cared for herself, her husband and their two small children. Initially, Lindsay worried that she may never be able to return to the classroom, but after months of both inpatient and outpatient therapy and lots of hard work, she was able to return to the job she so passionately loves. Lindsay’s determination, endurance and positive attitude are an inspiration to everyone who meets her.

Miracle Garramone is an 8-year-old girl from Kingfisher, Okla., who was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. She has multiple congenital malformations in her arms, hands and legs. She has endured numerous surgeries in her young life and has received outpatient rehabilitative therapy since infancy. But Miracle is wise beyond her years. She doesn’t focus on her limitations; instead, she chooses to focus on her possibilities and is continuously amazing her family and therapists in what she is able to achieve.

Gary Slane is a 64-year-old man from El Reno, Okla., who went to bed one night able-bodied, only to wake up paralyzed the next morning. Come to find out, he had a debilitating and undiagnosed health condition that over time caused a severe spinal cord injury. He underwent immediate spinal surgery and has been in rehabilitation therapy ever since. Gary is determined to walk again one day, and his therapists are convinced he will. They say his grit and work ethic are relentless, but it is his contagious smile that they will always remember.

2018 INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Courage Awards


Lindsay Dennis: 2018 Courage Award Recipient

Lindsay was paralyzed after a car accident. Her determination, endurance and positive attitude are an inspiration to everyone who meets her.
Miracle Garramone: 2018 Courage Award Recipient
​Gary Slane: 2018 Courage Award Recipient
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