INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center

Biking for Burn

Biking for Burn Care T-ShirtAside from his role as the medical director of the INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center, Christopher Lentz, M.D. is also an avid cyclist. Dr. Lentz regularly donates his hundreds of miles to various causes. Now, he’s asking you to support him in raising funds for pediatric burn patients at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center.

In 2021, Dr. Lentz will donate $1 for every mile he rides. His plan is to ride at least 8,000 miles! If you're interested in celebrating his passion,  you can donate for every one of the 100 miles he rides. All proceeds will directly benefit pediatric burn patients here in Oklahoma. Anyone who donates $100 will receive a t-shirt from Dr. Lentz.


Christopher W. Lentz, M.D., cycling photo

Just a few years ago, there was no place in Oklahoma providing specialized burn care for children. Children with severe burns were forced to go out of state for treatment. In many cases, families were torn apart, sometimes for months, as one caregiver traveled out of state with the burned child and the other stayed behind to keep working and providing care for other family members.

As Dr. Lentz says, "burn is a ‘family disease’ because when someone gets burned, it affects the entire family."

But that changed in 2013 when Dr. Lentz was recruited to Oklahoma City to carry on the legacy of INTEGRIS Health’s world-class burn center, and to place special emphasis on the creation of a new pediatric burn program. This achievement was made possible through initial funding by anonymous donors and grateful patients whose philanthropy provided an endowed medical position in the INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center.

"When I came here, one of the conditions of hiring me was to start a specialized burn program for kids. The hospital was brave in taking on that mission. I wasn’t going to just come here without plans to develop a pediatric burn program, because it’s too important to have a place in the state that takes care of kid burns," he says.

Dr. Lentz’s dream of providing specialized, leading-edge care to the smallest patients with devastating burn injuries became a reality when that program was officially launched in late 2013.

"In 2016, we treated about 40 inpatient pediatric and pediatric intensive care patients, and just through May 2017, we’ve seen an additional 16 pediatric burn inpatients."

The pediatric burn center sees pediatric patients from across the state. "Now we get pretty much all of the kid burns in Oklahoma," he says. Although many of the adult patients he sees have been injured in work accidents on oil fields or electrical injuries due to the Oklahoma weather, pediatric burn injuries are mostly caused by accidents.