Patricia Price Browne Lecture Series

Patricia Price Browne was a highly respected person in our community. Her commitment to health care was reflected in the many ways she provided leadership for causes that enhanced the health of men, women and children.

She died October of 2000 at the age of 53 due to a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Though her life was brief, she knew where to find life's greatest gifts: in a good marriage, with her children, and in a meaningful role in the community.

Through her special wisdom, she left all of us lessons about life: Don't waste your life with worry or regrets. Spend time wisely with people and projects that really matter. Work and play out of a sense of love and joy, not duty. Don't let dreary details take away an opportunity to be with someone you love. Never take a day for granted. And never pass up a good dessert!

From the time the Center opened its doors until her death, Patricia attended every lecture and workshop, was an avid user of the library, and worked tirelessly to raise money to underwrite all of the free services.

To honor her part in creating this special place, the Lecture Series was named for her. Funds to underwrite the public lectures and monthly library seminars are raised bi-annually with gifts from corporate and private donors.