About Our Center and Weight Loss Doctor

INTEGRIS Health's Weight Loss Center at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center was initiated in July of 2006. The INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center in Oklahoma City offers surgical weight loss expertise.

For those patients who qualify and have failed a doctor supervised program, surgical weight loss procedures can be considered. Our bariatric surgery program offers gastric bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Patients undergo preoperative testing and evaluation, and participate in an Oklahoma City weight loss support group to assess whether this surgical intervention is the right choice for them.

Success Stories


A Couple's Journey to Weight Loss

Our job as caregivers is to promote health and healing. At INTEGRIS, we offer a countless array of surgeries, procedures and services all designed to help our patients live longer and healthier lives. When our patients succeed, we succeed. We invite you to watch this inspirational story of a young couple’s journey towards health and the caregivers who are supporting them every step of the way.
Dennis Furey
INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center Patient Success Story, April Merrill
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