INTEGRIS Health Weight Loss Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance and Coverage

  • Does my insurance cover weight loss surgery? - More insurance companies are covering bariatric surgery, but it is essential to verify whether your specific plan includes this coverage.
  • How can I verify my insurance benefits for weight loss surgery? - You can call the number on the back of your card or provide the necessary information for the program to verify the benefits for you.
  • Are visits with dietitians and exercise physiologists covered by insurance? - These visits are not covered by insurance and require a fee of $250, covering all four required visits.

Program Details

  • How long will I be in the surgical weight loss program? - The duration depends on factors like insurance requirements, medical tests, controlling underlying diagnoses, and non-surgical weight loss documentation.
  • What medical tests are required before surgery? - Tests may include labs, a chest x-ray, EKG, and others based on your specific health history.
  • What if I don't have a primary care physician? - The program can help connect you with a primary doctor supportive of surgical weight loss.

Costs and Financial Obligations

  • What are the costs associated with the surgical weight loss program? - Costs depend on insurance coverage, hospital and anesthesia fees, and other financial obligations, which will be outlined during the initial consult.
  • Can I start making payments before surgery? - Yes, payments can be made prior to surgery, and the full amount must be paid at least a week before the surgery.

Preparation and Requirements

  • What can I start working on before the program? - Recommendations include dietary adjustments, completing paperwork, attending support groups, and quitting smoking or nicotine use.
  • What documentation is required for a history of obesity? - Consecutive years with progress notes on height and weight may be required by some insurance companies.

Support and Additional Resources

  • Can I attend support groups before the initial consult with the doctor? - Yes, support group attendance is encouraged, and details can be found on the program's website.
  • What if I'm struggling with smoking or nicotine use? - The program can connect you with resources to help with quitting smoking or nicotine use