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A message from the INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant team:

Dear Patient,
We have received several queries regarding COVID-19 vaccine recommendations. The intent of this letter is to share recommendations from INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute at Baptist Medical Center based upon American Society of Transplantation guidelines.

The AST has published frequently asked questions to relay information on what is currently known about this vaccine. This information is subject to change and update frequently as new information or data becomes available. Additional information can be found at

Several COVID-19 vaccines are under development. Two mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines (produced by Moderna and Pfizer) have completed clinical trials. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved the Pfizer vaccine on Dec. 10, 2020; the Moderna vaccine is expected to be approved the week of Dec. 20. Both vaccines require two-doses (three to four weeks apart) and require cold storage prior to administration.

Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may be available this calendar year. It is anticipated the supply of each will increase substantially in early to mid-2021. Although the exact timing and availability of vaccines are unknown, expectations are that transplant recipients may be included in groups for earlier vaccination.

The effect of the COVID-19 vaccines is not yet known in transplant recipients. But, based on previous vaccination guidelines for solid organ transplant recipients, it is recommended that all transplant candidates and their household members receive the vaccination when it becomes available.

• Ideally, it is recommended that those individuals waiting for transplant receive the vaccine at least two weeks prior to transplantation, and
• For individuals who have already received a transplanted organ, it is recommended the vaccine be given as early as one to six months after transplant.

Please know the COVID-19 vaccine, like other vaccines, may cause side effects including fever, muscle aches and headaches during the first one to two days after vaccination. Patients with multiple drug allergies should check with the transplant health provider prior to receiving the vaccine.

INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute will not administer the vaccine in our clinics. You may be directed to your primary care provider, pharmacy or health department for vaccination.

If you have any questions or concerns about these recommendations, please do not hesitate to call your transplant health care provider.


INTEGRIS Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute
INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

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