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Expressions of Hope

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"I made the right choice that day for myself and my husband. He saved four people when he died that day."
–Donor Family Member

"My expression of hope is a reflection upon my faith, knowing that God is ultimately in control and by His infinite grace and mercy my transplantation will be in God's perfect timing."
–Transplant Candidate

"My greatest hope for my child is that he live a long, happy, healthy life knowing he has a bright future ahead of him."
–Pediatric Transplant Recipient Mother

"At 39 years old, with three children and a very active lifestyle, I found myself with a debilitating eye infection that could not be identified or cured. But because someone's family chose the gift of organ donation, I received a donor cornea for transplantation. Not only did the donated cornea save my eye, it gave me my lifestyle back! I enjoy good vision and can see to do all the things that I could do before."
–Cornea Recipient