How to schedule an appointment on INTEGRIS & Me

Schedule your appointments online. Simply log on to your INTEGRIS & Me account and pick a day and time that works best for you.

Need some guidance? We have detailed the process below.

From the INTEGRIS & Me home page select Menu.

INTEGRIS & Me Online Scheduling


Select: Schedule an Appointment.

Schedule an Appointment


Select a provider. Providers that you are already established with will show in the provider list.


Select the type of appointment needed.

Types of appointments to schedule with an INTEGRIS Health doctor


The available time slots will then be displayed. Select the desired time slot.

Time slots for available appointments with an INTEGRIS Health doctor


Provide the reason for the visit and then click Schedule.

Reason for appointment


An appointment confirmation screen is displayed.


If your appointment is within the next 20 days you can pre-register and or pay your copay online.

If you do not see a time slot you prefer you can send an appointment request.  

Appointment Request



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