Understanding Your Hospital Charges

We pledge to be transparent in our cost, quality and customer service reporting.

Understanding hospital charges can sometimes be challenging.

At INTEGRIS our goal is to deliver the highest quality care at the most reasonable prices through outstanding customer service. We pledge to be transparent in our cost, quality and customer service reporting.

These days patients are sharing more in the costs of their own health care, therefore INTEGRIS believes you should have access to the information you need to make informed health care choices. 

Our pricing philosophy is this:

“INTEGRIS seeks to establish prices that are fair to patients and payors, reasonable in the markets we serve, consistent with our peers who provide similar services while improving the health of the people and communities we serve.”

We also believe it is important for you to understand how each dollar of billed charges is spent at INTEGRIS.

As a not-for-profit company INTEGRIS reinvests any budget surplus back into the organization to improve the level of services that it provides to the community.

While your health plan or personal preference may dictate where you decide to receive care, comparing charges between local providers for similar procedures, combined with quality data, may better provide you with an overall picture of the total value you will receive at the hospital of your choice.

INTEGRIS hospital bills do not include fees for physician services. You may receive more than one bill for your hospital visit.

Where does the INTEGRIS dollar go?

Bill Charged $1.00
Discounts taken by Medicare, Medicaid,
managed care companies and other insurers
Free service/charity care 0.02
Bad debt expense from patients not paying bills 0.04
Employee salaries 0.13
Employee health insurance expense 0.01
Employee retirement expense 0.01
Medical, surgical and drug supplies 0.05
Other general supplies 0.01
Purchased services for maintenance, lab and other services 0.05
Telephone, utility and rental expenses 0.01
Other operational expenses 0.03
Total Expenses 0.96
Funds available for new equipment, construction and clinical program improvement 0.04