Jeff and Amy Johnson celebrate the birth of a healthy son thanks to the help of Dr. Reshef and staff at Bennett Fertility.

A Couple's Journey

Jeff and I have always been planners. As a couple, we have always strived to make wise decisions, and have always enjoyed thinking through the details of our plans before we put them into action. That’s why we waited until we had been married five years before we started trying to conceive a child. We had always dreamed of having several children, but felt it was important not to rush into the responsibility that comes with raising a family. Little did we know that we would struggle with infertility for several years, and our well thought-out timeline for having children would be thrown out the window.

Experiencing infertility was like being on an emotional roller coaster. However, we chose to trust that God had the perfect plan for our family, and we felt confident that He had placed us in the very capable hands of Dr. Eli Reshef. Dr. Reshef had long been my gynecologist. I had already known that Dr. Reshef was a kind, compassionate, and extremely competent doctor. But when we began struggling with infertility, we discovered that in addition to being a great gynecologist, Dr. Reshef is also a reproductive endocrinologist and Medical Director of the INTEGRIS Bennett Fertility Institute. It was an easy decision to remain in the care of Dr. Reshef and the Institute. Our research confirmed that Bennett Fertility is not only the most experienced and successful fertility clinic in Oklahoma, but one of the top in the nation as well.

It would be an understatement to say that Jeff and I felt we were in good hands throughout our infertility process. Due to the sincerity and kindness of the office staff, nurses, and doctors, we actually looked forward to our appointments. Never once did we feel rushed. More importantly, we were never made to feel as though we were asking too many questions…and believe me, we asked lots of questions. Bennett Fertility took a very systematic approach to first identifying why we were not conceiving, and then formulated a step-by-step plan to treating this condition. Every new approach was explained in detail, and potential side effects, both real and imagined, were thoroughly discussed. Dr. Reshef was devoted to understanding our level of “fertility anxiety,” and was only as aggressive in treating our infertility as our comfort level allowed.

As our journey continued without success, it became increasingly clear that in vitro fertilization would provide our best chance of conceiving a child. This step in our fertility treatment was by far the biggest stride we had taken. After all, there are no guarantees with in vitro fertilization. However, knowing we were in some of the most capable hands in the nation made our decision to proceed surprisingly easy.

After nearly three years of trying to conceive, I became pregnant on our first IVF attempt. When it was clear that my pregnancy was healthy and viable, we chose as our Obstetrician Dr. David Kallenberger, Program Director of Bennett Fertility Institute, to care for me during the pregnancy and delivery our baby. Our pregnancy was such a joyful time for us, and we felt at ease knowing we were in the care of an extremely experienced physician who also happens to specialize in infertility.

On October 27, 2005, I gave birth to our son, Eli. He is absolutely the biggest blessing God could have given us. While our journey to parenthood was a challenge, it brought us one of life’s greatest rewards. We could not have asked for a better support group than what we had with the staff of Dr. Reshef, Dr. Kallenberger, and the Bennett Fertility Institute. We will be forever grateful that they have dedicated their talents and passion to helping couples like us fulfill the dream of having a family.

Jeff and Amy Johnson