Infertility never entered my mind. Since I was healthy, I assumed I could conquer any age-related effects of infertility.

A Recipient's Story

Infertility never entered my mind. I eat well and have always been healthy. I spend hours at a time running or at the gym. Since I was healthy, I assumed I could conquer any age-related effects of infertility.

My husband and I were married when I was 39-years-old. Within eight months of marriage we discovered we were having a child and all was well in our world. We were thrilled with our new little blessing. After he arrived our doctor said if we wanted more children she wanted us pregnant again by Christmas. My husband and I both have brothers and sisters so stopping at one child never entered our minds. The first pregnancy was so quick and effortless; I thought the second would, likewise, be no problem, especially since our doctor gave us 10 months to complete the task.

Christmas came and went as we endured emotional months of altering two week cycles using ovulation kits and pregnancy tests.

Valentine’s Day came and went.


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Fourth of July.

Labor Day came and went.

As we neared the next Christmas, clearly we were getting nowhere on our own. We started meeting with Dr. Reshef at the INTEGRIS Bennett Fertility Institute. Along the way there were lots of discussions of treatment options, medications and a number of procedures we could try. If none of that worked we could look at the possibility of finding and egg donor. Using a donor seemed like such a long way off and there were so many things to try along the way, we thought surely we would be successful before we got to that point.

We tried all of it and nothing worked. I was then 43-years-old and not ready to stop trying for another child. We chose our first donor last fall. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. My husband and I decided we would try just one more time and we chose our second donor in the winter. We found out in March that we would be having a baby in the fall.

There are no words to express that joy. Nor are there words to describe the gratefulness we feel to a complete stranger whom we will never meet. The kindness of another woman who already has her own family going above and beyond what anyone would ask so we can complete our own family. The generosity, TRUE GENEROSITY, of those wonderful donors who endure such treatments so other women can have children. There simply are no words to describe how indebted my husband and I are to such kind and selfless women.

Our lives are now complete, all thanks to someone we will never meet.

We are also thankful every day for Dr. Reshef and the staff at Bennett Fertility for all they have done. Again, there aren’t words to say how much we appreciate all you have done.