What to expect in your initial appointment and how to prepare for it.

Beginning the Fertility Journey

With great apprehension, you finally decide to see a fertility specialist. While you are frustrated and depressed about your inability to conceive successfully, you are also concerned about the cost of your diagnostic workup and treatment, the success rate, and whether you will establish the appropriate rapport with your specialist. The following is a description of your initial appointment and several suggestions about how to prepare for it, possibly reducing the anxiety associated with the great unknown.

Who should come to the initial appointment?

We suggest that you and your “significant other” will be there.

What should I bring to the initial visit?

Any relevant old records are helpful to reduce the duration of initial assessment or duplication of effort. Bringing the actual x-rays of a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) for your doctor to review is important, especially if the results were abnormal. One can usually borrow the actual films or a copy from the facility where the test was performed. Explanation of benefits from your insurance is very helpful as well and will allow our staff to determine the extent of coverage. A list of questions for your physician may be helpful since patients often forget important ones during a face-to-face encounter. Basal body temperature charts should be brought in for review. We encourage our patients to seek information from sources such as the Internet prior to their initial visit and during their evaluation and treatment course. Be aware, though, that the Internet often also contains erroneous information. Please discuss this information with us.

How much would my initial visit cost?

It depends on your insurance coverage. You can call our office ahead of time to inquire about the cost but be sure to have your explanation of benefits available. There is usually a set price for the initial consultation that occasionally changes.

How much would my treatment cost?

Each patient requires different set of diagnostic tests and treatments. The cost, therefore, varies according to each patient’s unique circumstances. Some patients may not need any further evaluation and treatment beyond their initial consultation. Others may require a lengthy course that may cost thousands of dollars. We encourage you to inquire with your physician or our business manager about the estimated cost of each test or treatment suggested to you.

What usually happens during the initial visit?

Generally, the nurse will interview you and the doctor will then spend 30 to 45 minutes with you. A complete medical history will be taken. Depending on your doctor and your particular situation, a physical examination may or may not be offered. Your doctor will suggest a plan of action based on your medical history, age, financial considerations, and anxiety level.