Understanding breast mammography and ultrasound.

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Breast Health Facts

The governing body of Mammography, American College of Radiology, recommends annual mammograms for all women beginning at age 40. As cancer risk increases with age, it is important to keep your screening schedule current as long as you are physically able. There is no magical age when you can ‘stop’ having mammograms. Patients with a first-degree relative – Mother, Sister, Daughter – diagnosed with breast cancer before age 50 may need to begin screening mammograms before age 40.

Breast ultrasound is not a substitute for mammography. It is unable to demonstrate all anomalies of the breast, calcifications for instance. Ultrasound is used in conjunction with mammography to target areas of concern or to allow radiologist to visualize biopsies in real time.

Please remember that many insurance companies will pay for only one mammogram a year and some companies, Medicare, are specific to the exact day of your last exam. Please plan accordingly; we do not want you to be surprised with an unexpected bill. The date of your last mammogram is on the letter we send out reminding you to schedule your mammogram - if you are one of our yearly patients, as well as the phone number to do so.

Deodorant is visible on mammograms and may mimic breast disease. Please do not apply deodorant the day of your mammogram. Before you undress, we will ask you to wipe under your arms with the towlettes provided in the dressing rooms. This may seem like a silly request, but it is very important. Any residual deodorant must be removed before your exam to negate any unnecessary exposures. This also applies to any powders or glittery lotions around the chest or underarm areas. Makeup, hairspray, or perfumes will not interfere with your exam.

Jewelry will not be affected by the X-ray. It can, however, be a hindrance in your exam. Most jewelry is not a problem; however, large earrings and multiple necklaces can be accidentally imaged, covering breast tissue and cause repeats. It is better to leave extra jewelry at home.

You will also receive a survey in the mail. We are dependent on your assessment of our facility; our goal is to provide the best care for our patients in comfortable and congenial environment. Taking a few moments to complete the survey will provide insight to your experience with us and keep us vigilant in our mission to serve our community with highest of standards. Your opinions are very important to us.