Tips for keeping children safe from burns.

Burn Safety - Children

If you have small children, please be aware of the following tips for burn safety:

  • When working with a hot liquid, keep children safely away from the source.
  • If you have a toddler or small child at home, avoid using a tablecloth. The child may pull on the corner of the tablecloth causing potentially hot objects to fall on them.
  • Teach your child what to do in case of a house fire. Practice your exit strategy and teach them how to put out a fire.
  • When cooking with hot oil or a deep fryer, keep your child a safe distance from the source.
  • If you use a microwave to heat your child's food, test the temperature before giving it to your child.
  • Heating formula or milk in a microwave can be dangerous, as the liquid does not heat uniformly. Some portions may be hotter than others. Use a bottle warmer as a safer means to warm infant formula and milk.
  • If you are cooking on the stove or in the microwave, do not hold your child as you remove items from these appliances.
  • Teach your child to stay away from lighters and matches. Keep these items out of a child's reach.
  • Before placing a child or infant in a bathtub, check the water temperature with your hand.
  • Train your children to identify exits in public places, theatres, concert halls, and hotels.
  • Make sure your child uses a sunblock whenever he/she is in the sun.
  • Supervise children near fireworks.
  • Encourage children to wear shoes in the summer and avoid walking on hot asphalt or hot sand.
  • Store harmful chemicals and cleaners in an area that children will not be able to access them.
  • During Halloween, assure that your child is wearing a flame-retardant costume.