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COVID Operational Guide for Referring Providers

Cardiology Clinics: OKC Metro Area

Our full-time clinics are open for regular hours.
Full Time Clinic Hours, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center  
3433 Northwest 56th Street, Building B
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

INTEGRIS Health Edmond
4833 INTEGRIS Parkway, Suite 100
Edmond, OK 73034

INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center
4221 S. Western, Suite 2010
Oklahoma City, OK 73112


Questions? Please reach out to Lisa Hart at 405-550-3110 or

FAQs for Referring Providers

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  • Temperature check required upon arrival to the facility.
  • Face masks are preferred and recommended for all patients. 
  • As of 5/26/2020, patients will be allowed 1 patient representative to accompany them to their appointment or procedure.  Patient representative will be required to receive temperature checks and wear a mask.  
  • As of 4/20/2020, all acute care admissions to INTEGRIS Health are screened for COVID.

Please click here to view our current visitation policy.

Diagnostic imaging (ECHO, Nuclear, CT, MRI) has resumed at the INTEGRIS Health facilities.

Mobile cardiac and vascular ultrasound services will continue to be offered existing locations.  Call to schedule. 

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Cardiac catheterization procedures are continuing based on the cardiologist recommendation. Patients will be advised if they need to obtain a COVID test prior to procedure.  Patients will be required to wear a mask while in the hospital.  

Patients receiving surgery will be required to obtain a COVID test prior to the surgery. Specific instructions will be provided to the patient dependent upon their situation.  Patients will be able to have ONE patient representative with them at the time of surgery and recovery.  Patient representative will receive temperature checks and be required to wear a mask.  


Azhar Amil, MD

Timothy Daly, MD

Ryan Norris, DO

Jerome Anderson, MD

Christine DiEnna, MD

Santosh Prabhu, MD

Surya Artham, MD

Craig Elkins, MD

Alan Puls, MD

Jeffrey Asbury, MD

Terrie Gibson, MD

Steven Reiter, MD

Marshall Bell, MD

Sean Halleran, MD

Michael Schiff, MD

Charles Bethea, MD

Robert Hooker, MD

Jeffrey Sparling, MD

Jon Blaschke, MD

Zeeshan Khan, MD

Ron Sutor, MD

John Chaffin, MD

Terrance Khastgir, MD

Alex Topliceanu, MD

George Chrysant, MD

Richard Lane, MD

David Vanhooser, MD

Mel Clark, MD

Aleicia Mack, DO

Ronald Woodson, MD

Bryan Cogar, MD

George Madden, MD

Matt Wong, MD

Jered Cook, MD

David Neel, MD

Gary Worcester, MD

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