Doctor Oklahoma Podcast- Episode 3: Vaccines

Doctor Oklahoma is a podcast that shines a light on uniquely Oklahoman health challenges by speaking with INTEGRIS health care professionals who live here, practice here and are willing to lend their time and expertise to all of our listeners.

One of the most important medical advances of all time, vaccines have saved countless lives, improved our quality of life and all but eradicated once-deadly diseases. In this episode of Doctor Oklahoma, family medicine physician Dr. David E. de Gaston, M.D. enlightens us on how and why to vaccinate, from the youngest and most vulnerable among us, through the teenage years and beyond.

We’ll answer questions such as how can a vaccine help prevent cervical cancer? Do flu shots have a cumulative effect? How do vaccines work? And more. Tune in and you just might learn something from INTEGRIS physician Dr. David E de Gaston.

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