Infectious disease specialists, INTEGRIS Health's David Chansolme, M.D., covers the history of the flu virus, how the flu vaccine works and symptoms of the infection.

Doctor Oklahoma Podcast- Episode 7: Flu

Doctor Oklahoma is a podcast that shines a light on uniquely Oklahoman health challenges by speaking with INTEGRIS Health professionals who live here, practice here and are willing to lend their time and expertise to all of our listeners.

As the weather turns colder, flu season is officially upon us. Even if you’ve had a shot, you might experience fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion or fatigue. Infectious disease specialists, like INTEGRIS Health's David Chansolme, M.D., still study influenza’s impact on public health today.

So on this episode of Doctor Oklahoma, Dr. Chansolme joins us to share his knowledge regarding the flu. We cover the history of the virus, how the flu vaccine works and symptoms of the infection. Stay tuned for how to protect yourself against the disease and what to do when the flu takes a turn for the worse.

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