The best way to get ahead of heart disease is to scan for the presence of calcium in your arteries.

Learn how a $50 Heart Scan could save your life.

HeartScan Calcium Score Screening

About the HeartScan

The best way to get ahead of heart disease is to have the possible presence of calcium in your arteries carefully scanned and evaluated. INTEGRIS Heart Hospital at Baptist Medical Center is the only facility in the state with Canon's Aquilion ONE 320-Slice CT system, providing the clearest images of your heart in less than a heart beat.

The INTEGRIS HeartScan creates 4-D images of your heart and coronary arteries, providing a precise measure of calcium deposits. The key is to assess your risk of developing coronary artery disease – while there is still time to help prevent it.

The HeartScan is a simple, non-surgical outpatient procedure that takes mere minutes to complete. Injections, dyes, fasting or other preparations are not necessary, nor do you need a physician referral. Best of all, results are immediate.

Following the scan, you will receive preliminary results, learning your calcium score. For just $50, a heartscan is a quick and affordable way to enjoy peace of mind. And, to give that peace to those you love, HeartScan gift certificates are available.

Schedule or order gift certificates now by calling 1-800-327-CARE.