Helpful tips on hospice and palliative care at INTEGRIS Health Hospice Services.

Ideas From Families

Here are some ideas and tips from families who have experienced hospice or palliative care at INTEGRIS Health Hospice Services.

  • Place the patient’s bed in the living room or family room so the patient can be involved in the daily activities of the household.

  • Include the patient in decision making as long as possible. Let the patient choose what he or she wants to eat. Let the patient decide if the kids can go out with friends, etc.

  • If the patient feels like it, take him or her out of the house. A wheelchair may be provided to assist when needed.

  • Some patients enjoy having an aquarium or a birdcage by the bed.

  • When one patient had trouble sleeping, the whole family got up in the middle of the night and had an ice cream party.

  • One patient continued to have breakfast with his friends at the local coffee shop.

  • Several of our patients have gone on vacations.

  • Many of our patients continue to go to church, club meetings and civic events.

Continue to include your patient in your daily activities, even when they become bedfast. Remember that the goal is to help your loved one remain involved in daily activities and to live until the moment he or she dies.