What you can expect before liver transplant surgery.

Pre-Liver Transplant Work-Up

  • Patients are first seen by the Transplant Hepatologist at NZTI.  If the patient meets criteria, they are referred for a liver transplant consult.  Before the consult, they either meet with the pre-transplant RN coordinator or speak with them on the phone.  They also receive a packet of information to review before the consult visit.  The consult visit is typically scheduled within 1-2 weeks of the referral.
  • During the consult visit the patient meets with the pre-transplant RN coordinator, the transplant social worker, and the transplant financial coordinator.  This visit may last 4 hours.  If the patient meets all criteria in the consult visit, they are moved forward to the liver transplant evaluation.
  • The liver transplant evaluation is typically scheduled over a 2-3 day period and consists of multiple visits and tests.  Some of the testing that may occur includes: lab tests, drug screen, cardiac tests, pulmonary tests, ultrasound, CT scan, EKG, chest x-ray.  Some testing is mandatory and some is dependent on underlying conditions and will vary by patient.
  • After everything in the evaluation is complete, the patient’s chart is presented before the liver transplant selection committee in order to determine eligibility.  If eligible, with insurance approval,  after the committee meeting, the patient will be placed on the UNOS (united network of organ sharing) liver transplant waiting list at Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute.
  • While on the list, the patient will have periodic labs to update their placement on the list.  Frequency of labs is based on the meld score. Depending on underlying conditions, the patient will have to undergo other annual testing to remain on the list.