Inspirational stories from patients of the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute in Oklahoma City who’ve made it through the battle with cancer.

Stories from Cancer Survivors

Surviving cancer can seem like an unreachable dream to someone who’s just been diagnosed, or who’s in the middle of treatment. It’s important to remember that many, many people make it through cancer treatment and into remission, moving on to live full and healthy lives.

We've documented and compiled just a few stories from patients of the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute in Oklahoma City who’ve made it through the battle with cancer. This page contains a sample of some of those stories. The full library of cancer survivor stories can be found by following this link.

Lilly Gillon
Lilly Gillon was just a toddler when she was diagnosed with a rare type of tumor in her brain. At the time, Lilly lived with her family in England. The doctors there told her the best choice for her treatment could be found at INTEGRIS in Oklahoma, one of the few medical centers that offer proton therapy for cancer treatment. With the right treatment and care, Lilly was able to overcome cancer and return to her home in England.

Maria Ponce de Leon
Maria Ponce de Leon was treated for breast cancer at the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute. Her whole family was impacted and frightened by the diagnosis. However, like many families, they were able to grow together in order to face the challenges. Supported by caring doctors who took the time to explain her options and what to expect, Maria and her family made it through. They are now able to appreciate their love for one another like never before.

Michael Ray
Michael Ray was aware at 21 that his family history of colon cancer put him at an increased risk of the disease. His proactive pursuit of early cancer detection enabled his team of doctors to catch his cancer in its beginning stages. He was able to quickly undergo surgery, after which he received chemotherapy and radiation. He’s now in complete recovery, enjoying the prospects of a life full of potential ahead of him.

Patti Davis
Patti Davis is one of our own. She works as a nurse here at INTEGRIS. When she noticed she hadn’t been feeling well, Patti came in as a patient herself and found out she had a rare form of leukemia. She took the initiative, choosing the most aggressive treatment options available and actively engaging in her treatment process. Her positive attitude paid off, and Patti was able to say she was in full remission only a few months after diagnosis.

Gene Doub
Gene Doub was diagnosed with lung cancer when he was seeking treatment for a minor sinus infection. A chest x-ray revealed a tumor growing in the center of his chest. His team of doctors at INTEGRIS lined up chemotherapy and radiation. Gene was committed to being an active participant in his care, practicing relaxation and meditation to help his body heal and manage the stress. Gene is now cancer free.

Tom Harris
Tom Harris enjoys an active life in his rural Oklahoma town. He has plenty of hobbies to keep him busy and a family to share his time with. His diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was quite a shock to everyone. Luckily, Tom was able to come to INTEGRIS, which offers a cutting-edge type of surgery called the Whipple Procedure. The surgery and treatment were a success, and Tom is back home, enjoying his family and hobbies.

W.G. Thorton
W.G. Thorton was smart about pursuing early cancer detection, and was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a routine health exam. He visited a number of doctors to research where to get treatment before deciding on INTEGRIS. The team here made W.G. and his wife both feel welcomed and informed, doing their best to make the journey through treatment as comfortable as possible. They worked together as a team to bring W.G. into remission.

Gail Bailey
Gail Bailey was understandably disappointed to discover her uterine cancer had returned nearly two years after initial treatment had ended. This time, she came to INTEGRIS, where Gail underwent radiation and brachytherapy. She was impressed with the cohesion among her cancer treatment team. This gave her the confidence to know she would make it into recovery. That’s exactly what happened, and Gail has been living free of cancer for over 6 years now.

For more information about cancer treatment at INTEGRIS, to hear patient experiences, or to learn more about our physicians, visit the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute Video Channel.

Medical technology and treatments are advancing daily. At INTEGRIS, we’re dedicated to staying up-to-date on the most advance treatment protocols available to ensure that our patients have the best possible chance of surviving cancer.