Using this simple tool to identify a stroke can save crucial time.

Stroke: Act FAST (también en Español)

Since 2006, we have used the acronym F-A-S-T (F=Facial Droop; A=Arm weakness or drift; S=Slurred Speech; T=Time to call 911) as a simple tool to teach children the most common warning signs and symptoms of a stroke, and to call 911 instantly if they even have a suspicion that a possible stroke has occurred.

We know that children have many different learning styles, and because of this, we incorporate many teaching techniques that help meet the criteria. Each lesson teaches students through repetition, hands-on experience, the use of visual and auditory aids, song, and reading.  As a result, we know that each child, no matter how they learn, will take away the same message as the rest of their classmates.  Many Stroke Heroes are born, each holding the ability to save lives, and reduce disability, while at the same time, teaching others to do the same.