What to expect before your surgery.

Surgery Pre-Op

Your doctor has scheduled your upcoming procedure at INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital. We extend our gratitude to you for choosing our facility for your surgical service needs.

 To ensure this experience is as pleasant as possible, please contact our outpatient surgery department at 405-717-6866 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. prior to your procedure.

 At that time, we will review your plan of care and schedule any pre-procedure testing your doctor requires.

Plan of Surgical Care

Prior to your scheduled procedure, you may require lab work, EKG (a picture of your heart) or a chest X-ray.

    You will receive instructions regarding your procedure.

   You will have an opportunity to ask questions about your procedure.

   You will be asked about your medical history.

 Please bring

    A list of current medications you are taking along with dosage and times you take medication.

   A list of past surgical procedures you’ve had.


Prior to Your Surgery

You will receive a courtesy call from our facility the day before your procedure. We will remind you of your scheduled arrival time and your procedure time, and provide you further instructions. You may also receive a call from our registration department to confirm your insurance and contact information. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight unless advised otherwise by the pre-op nurse.

On the Day of Your Surgery

On the day of your procedure, you will first check into registration two hours prior to your scheduled surgery time; they will notify the outpatient surgery department of your arrival and will direct you to the waiting area. You will be called from the waiting area by a member of the outpatient surgery team. If you find you’ve waited more than 20 minutes past your scheduled appointment time, please notify the registration department.

 Once you are taken to an outpatient room, you will be provided privacy to change into a patient gown. You will then meet privately with both a nurse and a member of the anesthesia team. During this time, you will be prepared promptly for your procedure. This preparation will include confirmation of your medical history and your planned procedure, a physical assessment and initiation of an IV if indicated.

 After you are taken to the procedure area, your family will return to the waiting area. Following the completion of your procedure, you will go directly to a recovery area. At this time, your physician may provide your family an update on your status. When your condition permits, you will return to an outpatient room to complete the recovery process. Only two visitors are allowed per patient. A nurse will provide you and your family members with detailed discharge instructions as well as any prescriptions your physician has written. We will answer  questions you or your family may have regarding your recovery.

Post surgery follow-up

Within two days after your procedure, you will receive a phone call from our staff to check your recovery. At this time, we will be happy to answer questions you may have regarding your recent procedure.

We thank you again for choosing INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital for your surgical service needs; we look forward to caring for you again.