Get Ready for Your Appointment

Before your appointment, use this handy checklist.

  • Make a list of your health questions. Ask a friend or relative for help if you need it. Put the questions that are most important to you at the top of the list.
  • Make a list of other health care providers you have visited. Write down their names, addresses, phone numbers and the reasons you visited them.
  • Bring list of medicines or original containers to your appointment. Be sure to include vitamins, prescriptions, over-the-counter and natural and/or herbal medicines.
  • Bring your insurance card or other insurance information with you to your appointment. If you wish, ask a family member or trusted friend to go to your appointment with you.

During your appointment, use this handy checklist. 

  • Write down the names of your team members. Use your list of questions. Ask your most important questions first.
  • Talk with your team about what health issue to work on first.
  • Be sure you know what you should do before you leave the office.
  • Use your own words to repeat back the things you’ve discussed with your team. This way, both you and your team will know the information is clear.
  • Ask your team about how to reach them after hours if you have additional questions.