INTEGRIS Physician and Staff Login

Utilize these links and tools to access Ask a Mayo Expert and VMware/VDI.

Tools and Links

Employee Health COVID 19 Self-Referral Form

Please use for COVID-19 Caregiver self-referrals to INTEGRIS Employee Health when they are unavailable by phone (405-552-2700). Employee Health will contact you by phone to follow up.

Complete Survey

cNPS Survey

INTEGRIS caregivers, please complete the Caregiver Net Promoter Score (cNPS) survey each month.

Take the Survey

Outlook Web Access

Use your web browser (ex. Internet Explorer11 or Chrome) to access your INTEGRIS email.

Click here

VMWare - INTEGRIS Desktop (Web)

Connect to your INTEGRIS desktop remotely through a modern web browser (ex. Internet Explorer11 or Chrome)

Click here

VMWare - INTEGRIS Desktop (Client Version)

Download and Install the client to connect to you INTEGRIS Desktop. The client offers better performance and additional features over INTEGRIS Desktop (Web).

Click here

INTEGRIS Application Portal

Connect to your desktop applications.

Click here

Mayo Clinic eConsult Request

Click here

Employee Wellness

Access the Employee Wellness site for more details and to enroll in the program. You must be on the INTEGRIS network to access the Wellness site. You may also access it through the Application Portal.

Continuing Medical Education (HealthStream)

INTEGRIS HealthStream: your source for online Medical Education activities. Our mission is to improve the health of the people and communities we serve through quality Medical Education. Click here to access HealthStream.

Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Clinical Development

The INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Clinical Development Department believes that learning is a key to business successes and quality customer care. Click here to visit Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Clinical Development.

Connecting to VMWare/VDI

To Connect to VMWare, enter into your web browser or click the VMWare Icon found at and

The VMWare Icon looks like this: VMware

You will then see the following screen below to connect to VMWare.  Choose “VMWare Horizon HTML Access” as shown circled on the right.


Enter your INTEGRIS username and password.  Click “Sign – In.”


Click the server icon.  It will look like this:VMware

You are now connected to VMWare (Epic) and can access your virtual desktop! 


VDI Disconnect vs. Log Off Instructions


To Disconnect from VDI:

  • You can use your INTEGRIS ID badge to “tap out” of your VDI desktop using Imprivata.
  • Applications, or software, that were running before you disconnect will remain open when you reconnect or tap back into your desktop. This is a viable option if you plan to return quickly to your workstation.
  • The reconnection process is faster with this option.
  • You can also use Power off the monitor by pressing the power butter in the lower right – hand corner of your computer.

To Log Off your VDI Session:

VDIClick the “start” button on your computer. The logoff button appears to the right of the search box. Save your work before utilizing this option.

  • Your session is completely logged off with this option. This is best utilized when you plan to be away from your workstation for an extended period of time – at the end of a work day, for example.
  • Any open files or applications (software) are closed. Unsaved changes are NOT saved.
  • This option will take longer to login compared to the disconnect option.