Caring Decisions

Who is this website for?

The information included in this site is for parents who may have to face decisions about life support treatment for their seriously ill child. You might have been lead here by your child’s doctor or you might have found it yourself. Perhaps you are worried about what is happening with your child and don’t know where to look for help.

This information is also for people who would like to know how to support those who are facing end-of-life decisions for children, such as your friends or family; perhaps patients or clients that you are caring for.

How will this help?

We hope to provide you with answers to questions that you may be facing. It also includes questions and stories of some parents who have faced decisions about life support for their children.

“I was so scared but frozen in fear at home, dreading the worst case scenario, but continuing to tell myself, he will be fine! I was terrified!”

Jessica, Baby Bennett’s Mom


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