Rural Health Teleconferencing

INTEGRIS Health, through its award winning TeleHealth Network (ITN), is one of a growing number of health care organizations across the nation using telemedicine technology to provide convenient, cost-effective, and potentially lifesaving consultations with specialty clinicians for people who live in remote locations.

Telemedicine is a tool for physicians and other health care professionals to provide health care consultation and education using telecommunication networks. Use of the INTEGRIS TeleHealth Network enhances access to medical care for rural Oklahomans and others whose access to these services is limited. Health professionals at INTEGRIS hospitals consult with patients and health care providers over a videoconferencing system linking other hospitals, clinics and schools in rural areas of Oklahoma. Telemedicine consultations are sought as an alternative to referring patients to a specialist outside of their community. This allows care to be retained locally at significant cost savings to the patient and family.