Buddhist Prayer
Though I am suffering and weak, and all my youthful spring be gone, yet have I come leaning upon my staff, and clambered up the mountain peak. My cloak thrown off, my little bowl overturned, so sit I here upon the rock. And over my spirit sweeps the breath of liberty! It is won! It is won, the Triple Lore! The Buddha's will is done.

Catholic Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, You took our weakness on Yourself and bore our sufferings in Your passion and death. Hear this prayer for my suffering. You are my redeemer: strengthen my hope for salvation and in Your kindness sustain me in body and soul. You live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

Hindu Prayer (from the Vedic Experience)
You, O Lord, are the body's protector. Protect my body. You, O Lord, are the giver of life. Grant life to me. From You, O Lord, comes brilliance of mind. Illumine my mind. Whatever is lacking to my being, O Lord, supply that to me.

Islamic Prayer
In the Name of God, the merciful Lord of mercy. Praise be to God, the Lord of all being, the merciful Lord of mercy, Master of the day of judgment. You alone we serve; to You alone we come for aid. Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom You have blessed, not of those against whom there is displeasure, nor of those who go astray.

Jewish Prayer
Hear my voice, O Lord, when I call; Be gracious to me and answer me. (Psalm 27:7)

In Thy hand is the soul of every living thing; I turn to Thee, O Lord, in my distress. Give me patience and faith; let not despair overwhelm me. Renew my trust in Thy mercy and bless the efforts of all who are helping me. Be with my dear ones in these difficult days. Grant me Thy healing so that in vigor of body and mind I may return to my loved ones for a life that will be marked by good deeds. Heal us, Lord, and we shall be healed; save us and we shall be saved; for it is You we praise. Send relief and healing for all our diseases, our sufferings and our wounds; for You are a merciful and faithful healer. Blessed are You Lord, who heals the sick.

Orthodox Prayer
O Holy Father, Physician of our souls and our bodies who sent Thine only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who has healed every disease and delivered us from death; Heal me, Thy servant, through the grace of Thy Christ, from the spiritual and physical infirmity which has come upon me. And renew life in me according to Thy good pleasure, that owing Thee thanksgiving and worship, I may repay them in good works.

Protestant Prayer
Gracious and merciful God, because you have given your Son, I know that you are never far away from me. I turn to you in this quiet moment to seek your comfort and strength. Be my companion today, O Lord, that I may receive your healing and renewing touch. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; taking, as God did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; trusting that God will make all things right if I surrender to God's will; that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him Forever in the next. Amen. – Reinhold Niebuhr.