Patient and Family Advisory Council

Patient and family advisers focus on improving the overall quality, safety and experiences for all patients and families.

Promoting the Best Health Care 

Patient and family advisers are a group of dedicated patients and families who work with hospital staff and leadership to promote the best health care for the community.

Advisers assure the views and perspectives of patients and families are included in decision-making and serve on the patient-family advisory council.

Please consider joining the Patient and Family Advisory Councils at our INTEGRIS Health hospitals or clinics. 

Advisers commit to:

  • Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Support our mission
  • Actively participate in improving care for all patients and families
  • Listen to different opinions and share ideas and viewpoints
  • Support positive relationships with our health system and members of the community

If you are interested in receiving more information concerning becoming a patient and family advisory council member, please proceed to one of the forms below.

INTEGRIS Health Employee Application

Non-INTEGRIS Health Employee Application

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An employee, medical provider, patient or family member may recommend an individual (or themselves) for a patient and family adviser role.
  • A prospective PFAC member must have had an INTEGRIS Health entity experience within the last two years.
  • Consideration will be made to maintain a PFAC representing a diverse patient population.
  • Member must be able to fulfill the Roles and Responsibilities of the PFAC.
Member must be able to:
  • Demonstrate effective, positive working relationships with other INTEGRIS Health PFAC members and hospital or clinic staff;
  • Possess good organizational skills;
  • Interact and communicate well with others;
  • Follow directions and, in some instances, work independently on projects;
  • Have the ability to interact with diverse populations;
  • Have the ability to express ideas and information;
  • Complete INTEGRIS Health PFAC orientation and sign HIPAA agreement; and
  • Complete a conflict of interest statement


Recruitment of advisers is an ongoing process. This helps us gain new perspectives and ideas to improve the experiences of care of the patients and families we serve.
Interested advisers will be asked to fill out an application so we may better understand the individual’s interests and preparedness to participate in adviser activities. 
Each interested adviser will be interviewed by a leadership representative or current adviser prior to becoming an adviser. 
Each new adviser must complete an orientation program.
The INTEGRIS Health PFAC and hospital or clinic develop ideas, initiate service projects, and formulate recommendations for leadership's consideration. It is an advisory council and is seen by INTEGRIS Health in that capacity and as a "helper" in creating a better environment for patients and families. The Council does not set policy or procedure. Through providing insight, wisdom, and recommendations, it can assist with potential changes and improvements.
Serving with staff members, the Council will use a pre-determined process for communicating these recommendations to appropriate leaders at INTEGRIS Health. Not all of the Council's ideas, plans, and/or projects may be accepted by the hospital or clinic but INTEGRIS Health leadership and staff are open to hear the Council's suggestions and recommendations. Every effort will be made to implement recommendations consistent with goals of the Council and strategic plan.
The goal of the Council is to stimulate meaningful communication and open discussion in a non-threatening environment to achieve improvements in care for patients and family members. This group was developed as a means of connecting devoted family members, former patients, and caregivers to enhance patient/family-centered care throughout INTEGRIS Health. Each member's opinions will be respected. Confidentiality is required. Whenever discussions of patient-or-family-specific issues are brought to the Council, the Council must ensure that this information is not discussed outside Council meetings. While story-telling and personal discussions are valuable and central to the Council's work, the Council is also expected to use this information to formulate suggestions, insight, and recommendations.

While the Council serves as a forum for members to make suggestions and create solutions, it is not a venue for grievances or specific patient- or physician-related complaints. When issues in these areas arise as concerns, one of the INTEGRIS Health staff members on the Council will assist the member in finding the appropriate venue to address the issue. All grievances and complaints will be attended to using processes in place at INTEGRIS Health.
As a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council it is imperative that all members be able to participate in council meetings. In order to meet the overall goal of the council each member commits to the following:
All members must:
  • Understand the role of an advisory council.
  • Commit to improving care for patients and their families through an advisory role.
  • Participate actively on committees, projects and/or initiatives designed to improve the patient/family experience, quality and safety of care.
  • Work productively and collaboratively with PFAC members of different backgrounds, experiences, and styles.
  • Value and practice open communication.
  • Listen empathetically and discuss divergent points of views.
  • Allow all other members to participate equally.
  • Discuss and create problem-solving strategies.
  • Understand diversity within INTEGRIS and our community.
  • Solicit and identify patient/family needs and concerns.
  • Maintain patient and privacy confidentiality.

Looking to contact one of our hospitals? Contact information is below.

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center
Main Number: 405-949-3011
Ask to speak with the executive office.

INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center (Enid)
Main Number: 580-233-2300
Ask to speak with the executive office.

INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital (Yukon)
Executive Office: 405-717-7963

INTEGRIS Cancer Institute
Executive Office: 405-773-6401

INTEGRIS Grove Hospital
Cathy Trewyn: 918-787-3402

INTEGRIS Health Edmond
Kristin Cross: 405-657-3000

INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation
Main Number: 405-644-5200
Ask to speak with the executive office.

INTEGRIS Miami Hospital
Main Number: 918-542-6611
Ask to speak with the executive office.

INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center
Main Number: 405-636-7000
Ask to speak with the executive office.

Lakeside Women's Hospital
Main Number: 405-936-1500
Ask to speak with the executive office.

Patient and Family Advisory Council


Patient and Family Advisory Council

See how the INTEGRIS staff and the Patient and Family Advisory Council work together to make sure that the patients are experiencing the compassion.