INTEGRIS PACER Fitness Center is joining the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City.

INTEGRIS PACER Fitness Joins YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 24, 2016) – INTEGRIS PACER Fitness Center is joining the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City. The YMCA will lease PACER’s current facility, located at 5520 N. Independence, and operate it as a medically focused fitness center known as YMCA HEALTHY LIVING CENTER – INTEGRIS.

“This coming together of two highly regarded organizations, YMCA and INTEGRIS, helps broaden the wellness platform of INTEGRIS PACER Fitness and its medically supervised fitness and educational programs to reach an even greater number of people,” says Mike Grady, YMCA president and chief executive officer. “The INTEGRIS Cardiac Rehabilitation program will continue to serve its patients from a designated area within the facility.”

Established in 1978, PACER was the nation’s first cardiology-focused rehabilitation fitness center. The new re-branded and soon to be updated location will become YMCA HEALTHY LIVING CENTER - INTEGRIS beginning July 1, 2016. 

“The YMCA has served the people of our region well for more than 125 years,” says Bruce Lawrence, president and chief executive officer of INTEGRIS. “Together, we hope to serve as a forward-thinking model for health care organizations across the country as the industry shifts focus from simply providing care to the sick and injured, to a more preventive and wellness management approach to staying healthy.” 

The location helps fill a need for YMCA services to people who live in neighborhoods between current Oklahoma City YMCA locations including: E.L GAYLORD DOWNTOWN YMCA, MIDTOWN YMCA, MAIN STREET YMCA and ROCKWELL PLAZA YMCA.

Current PACER and YMCA members can expect a wide array of services and classes such as Yoga, Cycling, BodyPump® and Zumba® at the YMCA HEALTHY LIVING CENTER - INTEGRIS location, led by qualified instructors and trainers and an ongoing calendar of special health events and activities. To learn more about the benefits of YMCA membership, visit