INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation is proud to now offer children’s outpatient therapy using the Pediatric Adventure Loft.

INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Introduces the Pediatric Adventure Loft

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 17, 2017) - INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation is proud to now offer children’s outpatient therapy using the Pediatric Adventure Loft.

The specially designed play area and equipment were created to allow pediatric patients more opportunities to be a kid. “Children explore and experience movement different from adults,” says Pediatric Certified Therapist, Robin Miller. “They want to run and jump and play and do activities not found in a typical rehabilitation setting.”

Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation therapists strongly believe that children need to practice these normal childhood movements in a safe and supported environment in order to successfully be able to maneuver them out in the community at a park or on a school playground.

The Pediatric Adventure Loft gives young rehab patients the chance to test such skills as swinging, sliding and climbing so that when they find themselves in that situation outside of therapy, they will have confidence in their strength and coordination and will not shy away from playing with their peers.

“Being perceived as different or unable is difficult for most, but it can be especially hard on a child when fitting in is so important,” says Miller. “We feel ‘playing’ is a vital part of being a kid. We want to train, or in some cases, re-train children to do the movements that come naturally to them – and the Pediatric Adventure Loft helps us do that. And it does so in a way that the children don’t even realize they’re in therapy.”

The adventure loft lets children choose the activities they want to do that day and encourages the use of imagination. They basically get to create their own adventure while meeting their therapy goals at the same time.

“The response to the Pediatric Adventure Loft has been amazing. We had one parent tell us that her child used to “like” coming to therapy, but now she ‘loves’ it. We had another parent say that her little boy actually cried because he couldn’t go to therapy that day,” says Miller.

The Pediatric Adventure Loft was funded by the INTEGRIS internal employee/volunteer giving campaign and the Ellis Mendelssohn Fund.

INTEGRIS pediatric therapists and Fun Factory Sensory Gym, the company that manufactured the loft, worked together to customize the equipment to fit needs of actual patients. Miller adds, “The loft is hands-on and allows children to have an array of activities to choose from. It is really something you have to see for yourself to fully understand and appreciate.”