Stephen and Alicia Butler share their inspirational weight loss story.

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A Young Couple’s Journey Towards Health

Stephen Butler admits he was always kind of a heavy kid and says the weight just seemed to add up over the years. His wife, Alicia Butler, says the same thing. “I was always bigger than everybody else,” she confesses. “After high school I got on birth control and just ballooned and was never able to get back to normal. I was almost 300 pounds when we went to the INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center to see what the options were.”

Stephen and Alicia Butler Share Their Weight Loss Story

She took her husband with her to the appointment. “Actually she's the one that brought up weight loss surgery. I originally went to support her,” says Stephen. “I told myself I was going to finally do something about my weight when I reached 300 pounds. I weighed 337 when I started the program.”

The Butlers felt an instant connection with Hamilton Le, M.D., the medical director of the INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center. “We loved Dr. Le. as soon as we met him, we felt very comfortable with him,” remembers Alicia. “His whole staff talked to us like humans and made us feel like we weren't any different than anybody else. They were there to help us and we definitely appreciated that.”

“I remember they came together into the office,” says Le. “It was nice to watch them go through this process as a couple because I think they're great advocates for each other.”

The Butlers say the INTEGRIS Weight Loss program taught them a new way of looking at food. “We've made changes about everything,” says Alicia. “Before we eat something, we think about if it's worth it. We learned all about carbs and protein and just lifestyle changes to make this work for us.”

And it definitely is working. Stephen is down almost 100 lbs. “I feel great,” he exclaims. “I actually moved a bag of concrete in my shop the other day that weighs 80 pounds, and it was a struggle for me until I realized that I'd been carrying around that much weight and then some for the last probably eight years. I'm probably the lowest I've been weight wise since I was 25 years old.”

Alicia has seen great results too. “Since surgery I've lost over 50 pounds. And since starting the program I've lost about 75 pounds. My ultimate goal is not far off and I think it is a realistic goal that I will be able to maintain for a lifetime.”

Dr. Le says people like Stephen and Alicia are the reason the INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center exists. “Really my connect to purpose for them is to provide them a tool to help them lose weight, but it’s not just about the weight, it is allowing them to be  happier and healthier together. For me, to be able to play a small part in that is really why I do what I do.”

The Butlers wholeheartedly believe the INTEGRIS Weight Loss program changed their lives. “If I hadn't met Dr. Le, I don't know where I would be at this point,” Alicia declares. “We would probably still be 300 pounds and trying what we could, but unsuccessfully. We're just very thankful that we get to have this new life together. A life that a year ago, we didn't even think was possible.”

A Young Couple’s Journey Towards Health


A Couple's Journey to Weight Loss

Our job as caregivers is to promote health and healing. At INTEGRIS, we offer a countless array of surgeries, procedures and services all designed to help our patients live longer and healthier lives. When our patients succeed, we succeed. We invite you to watch this inspirational story of a young couple’s journey towards health and the caregivers who are supporting them every step of the way.