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What are the Symptoms of a Heart Attack?

24 February 2014

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by Dr. Jeff Sparling, INTEGRIS cardiologist

Dr. Jeff Sparling, a board certified interventional cardiologist with the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital, explains the possible symptoms of a heart attack.

Hello, my name is Dr. Jeff Sparling, a cardiologist with INTEGRIS Health. Today I'd like to speak with you about symptoms of heart attack. Heart attack, or myocardial infarction as it's known to your health care provider, is the process of a blockage in a blood vessel that supplies the heart with blood. When this occurs, it can result in pain in the jaw, neck, or back, chest pain or pressure, a feeling of weakness or lightheadedness, discomfort in the arms or shoulder that often radiates to the jaw, or shortness of breath, a symptom that is particularly important in women.

If you're concerned that you're experiencing any or all of these symptoms, and are concerned about a heart attack, please call 911. If you have concerns or worries about your risk of heart disease, I encourage you to discuss it with your physician at your next visit.