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How to Start an Exercise Program


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Nancy Shidler, administrative director for INTEGRIS PACER Health Services, gives tips on how to start an exercise program.

Hello, my name is Nancy Shidler, the Administrator Director of INTEGRIS Pacer Fitness Center. And we're here today to talk about starting an exercise program with New Year's resolutions.

There's a few things that are very important to consider. If you've had any kind of medical problems, you would want to make sure that you see a physician first to confirm that it's OK for you to exercise. After that, consider what you like. If you don't like to swim, then don't plan on swimming. But think of those types of exercises that you like to do. Consider where you're going to do it, what options do you have as far as joining a fitness center or can you do it at home? Is there a community center nearby that allows folks to come in and exercise? So kind of make that kind of game plan.

Secondly is finding out what time of day are you going to exercise. It is very important to know when you are at your best. Can you get up early in the morning? Then that's great. If not, then don't plan on exercising early in the morning. So the things though that are really important to consider about this program is that you start off comfortable, that you start off easy. We don't want this to be very difficult. We don't want you to dive in and do too much. If you hurt the next day, then you've done too much. So err to an easier routine than a very, very difficult one.

And finally the most important thing is consistency. The more often you do it, the more regular you are with your exercise, the more likely you will be to continue over time.

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