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Simple Indoor Exercises


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Nancy Shidler, administrative director for INTEGRIS PACER Health Services, gives ideas on simple at-home exercises that can be done indoors when the weather isn't cooperating with your fitness schedule.

Hello. My name is Nancy Shidler. I'm the director of INTEGRIS PACER Fitness Center. And today, we're here to talk about where you are in your exercise program, now-- after you've started your New Year's resolutions-- and how can you continue your energy and your efforts to keep this program going, and the fact that it might be cold and nasty outside. So there are things that you can do when you're inside, in the house. I have in my hand a Thera-Band. A Thera-Band can be used in a number of different ways. There are physio balls out there that are the big, huge blow up balls that you can sit on and do exercises. You can do the things I'm going to show you with the Thera-Band sitting on a physio ball. Most importantly, though, is that you continue to do something so that you can keep up that consistency of your exercise. That part's the important part. So I've got my Thera-Band. I'm going to put my foot over it. And I can do bicep curls with this Thera-Band. Not that hard, not that difficult, and there are different strengths of the Thera-Band, so you can get different strengths based on how strong you are. You can work your upper back muscles by grabbing your Thera-Band and pulling back like this. I'm working up and between my shoulder blades. Another one you can do-- we worked the front parts of your arm, now you can work the back part of your arm by doing an exercise like this. When you purchase one, they often come with a booklet that can show you all the different exercises, which can also be done sitting down. So there are many things that you can still do to keep up your exercise routine, even if the weather's bad outside.

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