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Underlying Issues of Male Sexual Dysfunction

09 June 2014

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by Dr. Philip Mosca, retired INTEGRIS urologist

Sexual dysfunction in men can create mental health concerns such as inadequacy, low self-esteem and depression, but it could also be a sign of cardiovascular issues. Dr. Philip Mosca, a urologist at INTEGRIS, explains what you should do if you or a loved one suffers from a male sexual disorder.

Hello. My name is Dr. Philip Mosca. I'm an INTEGRIS Health urologist, here to discuss men's health issues with you.

As a urologist, I deal with health issues unique to men, such as disorders of the testicles, prostate, and penis. Today, I would like to discuss sexual dysfunction.

Male sexual dysfunction is often associated with feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, depression, social withdrawal, and isolation. These conditions are treatable, but more importantly, some of these conditions, such as erectile dysfunction, may be a sign of other undiagnosed, significant, cardiovascular disease.

If you suffer from a male sexual disorder, make an appointment with your urologist for an evaluation to discussion your treatment options. Don't suffer in silence. Thank you.