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How to Start a Running Program

29 September 2014

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So you want to start a running program. But where do you begin? Nancy Shidler, the administrative director for INTEGRIS PACER Health Services, gives tips on how to start running for exercise, including when to

So you've made the decision that you want to start running. First of all, you need to remember that running is just an extension of walking. So, we're going to include walking in your program.

Before you get started, always remember though to talk to your physician if you've had issues in the past.

So when you start this program, what you want to remember is that walking is your friend. It is not your enemy. And you want to walk before you actually have to walk, so you can start running.

Run for a minute or two and then plan that walk, and then after you've walked for minute or two, then run again for another minute or two. And you slowly decrease your walk time and increase your run time.

Some of the things that are important about being outside running or biking even, is that you make sure you have some kind of identification on you. I have a couple of different items here. This is called My ID bracelet where I put the information into the computer, and a person could scan this with their phone and find out who I am, and what there is to know about me.

There's another product, Road ID, that actually has the phone numbers and people to contact should they find me after I tripped and fallen and I have hit myself on the head. But remember that safety is very, very important.

So have fun. Make sure that you take care by drink enough fluids and walk when it's necessary.