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Low Sugar Smoothie Recipe

by Stephanie Wagner, registered dietitian with the INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center

Have you thought about making a smoothie for breakfast but are worried about the amount of calories or sugars? Stephanie Wagner, a registered dietitian with the INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center, shares a tasty smoothie recipe that is easy, low in sugar and packed with protein, perfect for breakfast or even an afternoon snack.
Hi, I'm Stephanie Wagner, registered dietitian at the INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center. Now maybe you've been thinking about a way to get a fast and healthy breakfast in and you've been considering smoothies or even stopping to pick up a smoothie. But how do you get a good healthy smoothie that's quick, but doesn't have too much sugar in it? Not only is fruit sugar - it's fructose, it's a natural sugar - but a lot of the additives for smoothies also have sugar, such as honey or orange juice. So in order to keep an eye on the sugar content, I made a really simple smoothie that's fast to get together. Berries happen to be the lowest sugar fruit you can get, so this one cup of frozen berries - this is just mixed berries - is the same amount of sugar as this little half or small banana, so you get a little bit more for your money, so to speak. I'm going to add a cup of mixed berries and a cup of unsweetened almond milk to the blender. I chose almond milk because it's the lowest calorie milk. Depending on the brand, it's about 30 or 40 calories for a cup. Now I'm not counting on the milk to bring me protein because I'm going to add a protein powder to this. This is an UNJURY Vanilla Protein whey powder, which we sell at ProHealth Pharmacy or in the Weight Loss Clinic, and this packet is the equivalent of using one scoop of vanilla protein powder. So there are just three ingredients to this mixed berry protein smoothie. It makes quite a bit, which will keep you full all morning long, which is wonderful because it just has 200 calories, about 23 grams of protein, and 13 grams of sugar, depending on some of the brands that you might use. It will keep you full all morning and you'll be very thankful you started your day off right.

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