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Steps to Health: College Football Tailgating


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Football season is upon us, and for the massive college football fan base that calls Oklahoma home, this means that tailgating season is here, too. What’s not to love about enjoying the crisp fall air with friends and family, relishing in the game day atmosphere, eating great food, and… walking?

From tent city to the stadium and everywhere in between, spending a day on the tailgate scene can quickly add up to more steps than you’d expect. We enjoyed a day in Norman at the University of Oklahoma’s campus, visiting friends at different tailgate spots throughout the morning and afternoon before the game started in the evening. In just a few hours, we walked over 7,500 steps: equivalent to the length of more than 60 football fields!

With all of that walking (not to mention the aromas of charcoal grills and smoked barbeque filling the air), it’s no wonder our hunger levels quickly spiked. Tailgate food options are not always the healthiest, but mindfully approaching the game day spread doesn’t have to be a challenge. Keep your energy levels peaked by opting for grilled meats, vegetable- or bean-based dips, and adding some fresh vegetables from the veggie tray onto your plate as you munch. Hydration is also often overlooked on game day. Between other beverages of choice, make sure you are drinking plenty of water to help with digestion and prevent dehydration throughout a long day of cheering on your team. For more ideas on how to have a healthier game day, check out our tips on lightening up some classic tailgate recipes.

We’ve still got a few weeks of football season left, so while you’re enjoying a day on campus cheering on your favorite team, remember that you’re covering quite a bit of ground, so be sure that you’re eating plenty of nutrient-dense foods and are staying hydrated.

Headed to a game this weekend? Share your game day steps with us on social media using the hashtag #stepstohealth.

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