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The Importance of Making Friends


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by Sara Barry, a licensed behavioral practitioner for INTEGRIS

Anyone who has had to lean on someone knows how valuable having friends can be. But opening yourself up can be quite awkward. Listen as Sara Barry, a licensed behavioral practitioner for INTEGRIS, gives some tips on how to start conversation with someone new.
Hello my name is Sara Barry and I'm going to be speaking to you today about the importance of social connections. Anyone who has ever needed a friend to lean on knows what invaluable resources friends can be in your life. They not only make you feel happy social connections are an essential part overall wellness and longevity. However many people who label themselves as shy have a hard time making friends. These tips will help you get out there and get connected socially. Number one don't be afraid to ask. If you meet someone who you think would be fun to spend time with reach out. The plain fact is that if you want new friends you have to reach out. If you want friends and company put yourself out there. Number two. Don't let rejection set you back. if he or she doesn't take you up on your offer don't be offended. Don't take it personally if you get turned down. There are lots of reasons why someone doesn't want a new friend. And most of them have nothing to do with you. Number Three. Remember everyone's favorite subjects, their kids or pets, themselves and their vacation. If you're having trouble striking up conversation choose any of these topics. They're not controversial and you might find some common ground. Some things in life make it easier to make friends. For example having children the same age is an instant entry into the parenthood group. Working on a political campaign might link you to like-minded folks and potential friends. Joining an exercise or specific issue support group is another way to connect with people around a common interest. Look for those people with whom you have something in common and get friendly. If the thought of meeting new people or putting yourself out there terrifies you perhaps you are suffering from social anxiety and would benefit from mental health screening. INTEGRIS Mental Health offers free anonymous online mental health screenings through our website at integrisok.com/mentalhealth

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