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Use an App to Track Your Water Intake

by Stephanie Wagner, registered dietitian with the INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center

Unless you strictly monitor the amount of water you drink, you may not know if you're drinking enough throughout the day. Stephanie Wagner, a registered dietitian with the INTEGRIS Weight Loss Clinic, suggests using a smart phone app to monitor your water intake to make sure you're receiving an adequate amount every day.
Hi, I'm Stephanie Wagner, registered dietitian at the INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center. Now once again we can turn to technology to help us achieve our weight loss goals, our health-related goals. One of the common struggles for a lot of us to get all the water we need in a day. The recommendation for most adults is to drink 64 ounces a day. That's the same as four traditional 16-ounce bottles of water. Now if this has not been the most natural thing for you, you might look to your smartphone and see what your App Store can offer, whether it's Google Apps or the iPhone apps. My personal favorite is an app called "Plant Nanny." Now this is an app that brings in a game that helps you to track your water and stay focused, especially for me over the weekends when it gets easy to get distracted. So with this app - it's a free app - you make a little plant on your phone app and you track how much water you been drinking and as you water your plant, your plant will be growing and will look happy and thriving and you feel happy and thriving. But unfortunately, if you aren't getting it enough water, your plant will slowly frown and slump over and die. You will feel guilty so you find yourself drinking a lot more water. Whether it's an app like this or the thousands that are out there, I would turn to free apps to help you get at least 64 ounces water, if not more, especially if you have an active lifestyle or you're in an exercise routine. Be sure to drink even more because your fluid needs will increase.

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