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17 Spot-On Tips From The Huffington Post to Help You Quit Smoking


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As you probably know by now, today was The American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout. We hope you made it through the day without a cigarette. Whether you did or you didn’t, if you still have a desire to quit, we just came across this great article from The Huffington Post, called “17 Ways To Quit Smoking, Starting Today.

Our favorite tip, from the articleNext time you go to purchase a pack, think of your furry friends. As Ed Sayres, former president of the ASPCA, points out in a HuffPost blog, you're jeopardizing your pets' lives just as much as your own. Research shows that smoking around cats can increase the likelihood they'll get feline lymphoma cancer, and dogs are more at risk for nasal and lung cancer when living with a smoker, Sayres wrote.

If you can't do it yourself, do it for Fluffy and Fido!

For 16 other great tips (which The Huffington Post says are "science-backed") read the full article.

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