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Which Oklahoma Counties Get the Most Exercise?


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Top Counties in Oklahoma in Exercise Rate by Men


Top Counties in Oklahoma in Exercise Rate by Women

exercise-rate-women-oklahomaHealth is an important issue in the state of Oklahoma. According to data compiled in 2014 by the Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services, one in three adults living in Oklahoma is currently classified as obese. That 33 percent adult obesity rate ranks sixth in the United States. Alarmingly, it’s increasing: up from 20.1 percent in 2000 and 10.3 percent in 1990. To stem the tide of adult obesity, the Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services recommends that each person get at least 50 minutes of exercise each day. All Oklahomans deserve to live healthy and happy lives, and a large part of that involves fitting in exercise as frequently as possible. Exercise can help combat disease, and it leads to better overall wellness -- both physically and mentally. Statistics from the Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services show what percentage of adult men and women in each county are getting the recommended levels of exercise. The data reveals some interesting trends. Western counties rate higher in exercise Only eleven of the 77 counties exceed 50 percent in exercise rate (percentage of people getting at least 50 minutes of exercise on average every day), and eight of those are in the western portion of the state. Higher income levels may lead to more exercise A second layer on the map below shows the Median Income by County in Oklahoma. Of the top eleven counties in exercise rate, eight of those have median income levels above average for the state of Oklahoma. Also telling: all fifteen of the counties with the highest median income (those above $44,800) have an exercise rate above average for the state. Gaps in rates between men and women The largest gap is found in Bryan County, where 44.1% of women get the recommended amount of exercise (according to the OK DHHS), which is almost 10% below the rate of men in that same county (54.0%). Sequoyah, Grady, and Texas counties have the second, third, and fourth largest gap between men and women. Sequoyah County has the lowest exercise rate for women of any Oklahoma county (38.6%). In only nine of the 77 counties do women get more exercise than men, according to the data. But in only two of them is that margin above one percent: Carter County (+2.8%), Ottawa County (+2.7%), and Garvin County (+1.7%). On average, the gap between exercise rates between men and women in Oklahoma is 3.2%. Lowest rated counties The lowest exercise rate overall is found in Seminole County, where only 42.6% of men and women get the daily recommended amount of exercise. Next comes Lincoln County (43.9% for men, 42.1% for women, and 43% overall) and Adair County (44.2% and 42.5%, 43.4% overall). Only 26 of the 77 counties can boast that half of adult men and women get at least 50 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. To use this map, click the square icon on the top left to toggle data sets.

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