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Steps to Health: Holiday Shopping


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If the hustle and bustle of the holidays has you dashing all over town to find the perfect gifts for family and friends, it can be easy to shop ‘til you drop. While no gift is worth actually collapsing with exhaustion, getting in a hefty holiday shopping trip can serve as a good day’s worth of exercise. As we spent a Saturday running errands across the city, perusing the mall and local shops, we racked up quite a few steps. Here are some ways to make the most of your shopping trips and ring in the holidays in a healthier way.

Use holiday shopping as a workout

Remember, the average person can walk a mile in about 2,000 steps. Depending on your pace and how often you stop, every hour you spend walking the aisles of your favorite stores could equal anywhere from half a mile to two miles of distance covered! If you’re planning on covering significant ground during your holiday shopping trips, remember to treat your feet well and wear supportive shoes – your hips and back will also thank you.

It can be tempting, while spending a long day running errands, to indulge in a few treats along the way. However, refueling with more nutritious options can help keep your sugar levels steadier and will help prevent you from experiencing a crash. Instead of a decadent pretzel, caloric coffee drink or fried snacks from the food court, opt for a green smoothie, bring along some nuts or homemade granola for a snack, or grab a sandwich with a side of fruit for lunch. And don’t forget to hydrate -- carry a water bottle with you on your shopping adventures and keep sipping throughout the day to help curb your sweet tooth.

steps walked while holiday shopping

Gift Ideas for a Healthier New Year

Whether your loved ones have already established a healthy lifestyle or are making positive changes to be more health-conscious, give a gift that will help keep them on track with their goals. Try one of these ideas:

  • YMCA Healthy Living Center membership
  • Barre or yoga class package
  • Gift card to Udander Scandinavian steam spa
  • Gift card for a new pair of running shoes
  • Bicycling gear
  • Fruit infuser water bottle
  • Fitness tracker
  • A sponsorship for the OKC Memorial Marathon
  • Home fitness equipment
  • Gift certificate for a massage

Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

From maintaining healthy eating habits throughout the holidays to giving your New Year’s resolutions a jump start, staying healthy this season can help minimize stress and maximize cheer.

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