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Family Friendly Fall Weekend Adventures in Oklahoma

The leaves are falling, your sweaters have come out of storage and the pumpkin patch is open. Autumn is upon us, and with the cooler weather comes the opportunity to enjoy a variety of your favorite fall activities with your family. Don’t worry, enjoying fall activities doesn’t mean you need to slack on your healthy lifestyle goals -- rather, 'tis the season to be active, healthy and happy. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get your family moving during the cooler months.

Autumn Activities around Oklahoma

Are you trying to plan an active weekend outing for your family this fall, but aren’t sure where to go? There are plenty of options in Oklahoma to keep your family moving and enjoying the cool fall weather.

Pumpkin patches

Believe it or not, pumpkin patches can be quite an active event! From searching high and low for the perfect pumpkin to walking around the various activities at the farm, you’ll reach your daily step quota in no time. Here are a few of our favorite Oklahoma pumpkin patches.
  • Pumpkinville
  • Wings Fall Festival
  • The Busy Bee Pumpkin Patch
  • Sunshine Shelly’s Pumpkin Patch
  • Chester’s Party Barn & Farm

Corn mazes

Similar to a pumpkin patch (many farms have both), a corn maze will keep you and your family active for an entire afternoon. Explore the different pathways and challenge your kids to guess the shape of the maze design without seeing a picture. Many of these mazes also offer pumpkin patches and petting zoos, too! A few of our favorite Oklahoma corn mazes include:
  • P Bar Farms
  • Reding Farm
  • Rustic Acres
  • Orr Family Farm
  • Arcadia Corn Maze
  • Daze in a Maze

Historic day trips

If you’d like to learn a bit more about Oklahoma history, there are plenty of day trips in the state to visit on a lovely autumn day. A trip to one of these great locations will not only give your kids insight into Oklahoma’s history but will get the whole family moving as you explore them.

Located in Ponca City, the history of oil baron and former state Governor E.W. Marland’s home is strange and fascinating. Parents will love the complex history of the site while children will enjoy exploring the home and grounds.

  • Sipokni West

If your kids love a little show with their history lessons, Sipokni West in Reagan is the place to visit. Step into the land of yesteryear with this town recreated to look like a wild-west destination and let your kids have fun imagining life in this western world.

Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma City, the Harn Homestead is an Oklahoma treasure that celebrates the territorial history of Oklahoma by offering guests a step back in time with a hands-on experience exploring the house and grounds.

What was once a military camp is now a favorite location for Oklahoma students to visit. With guided tours and historical reenactments, mosey around the visitor’s center before exploring the different outpost buildings. If your family has a love for all things spooky, sign up for one of the fort’s Ghost Tours in the month of October.

Explore a historic landmark in Oklahoma’s history at the Chickasaw White House, Chickasaw Governor Douglas H. Johnson’s home. Explore the unique history of Oklahoma’s Indian Territory at both the house and the nearby Chickasaw National Capital.

Oklahoma hiking

Hiking in Oklahoma
If you’re not quite ready to say farewell to outdoor activities, enjoy the remaining weeks of mild weather before winter hits with hikes and outdoor adventures. Here are a few of our favorite hiking trails and other adventure activities.Wichita Wildlife Refuge After stopping by the visitor’s center to learn more about Oklahoma’s wildlife, pick up a map of the hiking trails and take your family out for an afternoon hike. Mt. Scott is perhaps the most famous part of the Wichitas, but there are many trails in the area ranging from low to high intensity. Red Rock Canyon State Park Whether your family loves to hike, bike ride or rappel, Red Rock Canyon is a must-visit location in Oklahoma during the fall season. Gloss Mountain State Park One of the lesser-known hiking areas in Oklahoma, Gloss Mountain State Park, sometimes referred to as the Glass Mountains, has a shiny exterior due to its high Selenite content. The mountains are especially beautiful at sunrise or sunset, as the light bounces off of their unique red exterior. Robbers Cave State Park Perfect for fall hiking, the foliage at Robbers Cave is some of the state’s finest. With miles of trails to explore, your family can spend an entire day enjoying the beauty of Robbers Cave without growing bored (although your feet may grow tired!)

Autumn Activities at Home

Rake the leaves

Yes, this sounds more like a chore than a fun activity, but turn this fall task into a family activity with a few fun games. While these ideas take longer than simply raking the leaves yourself, the family memories are priceless.
  • Make a maze: Spend time spreading the leaves in your yard into pathways, and hold races to see who can get through them first. You can add in obstacles to up the ante for older children. This activity will get the whole family outdoors and active, without them even realizing they’re burning calories.
  • Pile of leaves competition: This game will bring you closer to a perfectly raked yard. Start a challenge between your kids to see who can build the biggest pile of leaves. The King or Queen of the Hill can win an alluring prize for the game’s incentive.
  • Photo shoot: Grab your camera and have fun throwing leaves into the air, snapping pictures as you go. This activity will wear your kids out and provide lasting memories of fall for years to come.

Play a pick-up game

It’s the season for sports jerseys and touchdowns. Don your team’s colors and organize a backyard game of flag football or soccer. While the weather has cooled down, be sure to stay hydrated as you run around. And who knows -- this may become your family’s new favorite fall tradition!

Enjoying every season in Oklahoma

Whether your family enjoys walking around historic homes or hiking through the hills of Oklahoma, there is something to do for every family this season. Take some time this season to get outside, enjoy the crisp air and get active with your family.