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How to Build a Power Outage Safety Kit this Storm Season


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As we settle into spring, we approach the peak of storm season in Oklahoma, which means high winds, lightening, hail and, of course, tornadoes. Oklahomans are no strangers to severe weather, with more than 55 tornadoes in our state each year on average.

Severe weather often brings power outages that can last for a few hours or a few days. It’s important to be aware of the safety risks, as well as the preparation and procedures you should have in place in order to keep your family safe.

Safety risks during a power outage

Power outages are typically caused by high winds, which can bring down power lines or leave large debris behind. Be aware of these safety risks following a power outage caused by severe weather.

  • A shock from a downed power line can be fatal. Stay away from any power lines or debris until crews clean them up.
  • Don’t enter any flooded areas where electrical outlets could be under water.
  • Sometimes electrical surges caused by power outages can destroy appliances, so unplug electronics during a storm.
  • Avoid unnecessary driving, as traffic lights will be out and downed power lines may block the road.

Power Outage Safety Kit

Avoiding safety hazards will help to keep you safe, but it’s also important to stock up on household goods and prepare your home for a power outage. During storm season, when power outages are most common, you should keep a power outage safety kit easily accessible in your home.

Below is a list of basic items that you should have stocked and ready in case of a power outage.

Preparation goes a long way in a power outage. Make sure you and your family are stocked up on the essentials and know potential hazards so you can stay safe this storm season.

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